The Crystal Addiction Collection is all about the power of the crystals and embracing everything they have to offer. The Bohemian Spirit Collection incorporates mini dried rose buds for a more elegant feminine look and smells incredible. The Mermaid Treasure Collection is a combination of those two collections, amplified! With large dried roses, draping chain and moon pendant, helping you to connect with your inner-goddess.


The perfect accessory for any boho bride or bride to be! As these stunning crowns are a standout piece which will surely get noticed. Compliment your bridesmaids to your crown with our matching delicate hair sliders. Of course, these are not just for weddings! You can wear this crown to other events such as the races, festivals, birthdays or during your daily meditations.


Your crystal crown can be worn multiple ways. Wear across your forehead with crystals pointing up or down. Up for inspiration and intuition, Down to ground loving intentions. Wear as a headband or on top of a hat. Even accessorize with mini fairy lights for an outdoor night-time event.


Showcasing contemporary design with an everlasting timeless feel, this collection is perfect for those free spirited beautiful souls. Our crystal pieces will make you feel both whimsical and wild!


Earthen de Luna is a bespoke crystal boutique for bohemian luxe wire wrapped crystal trinkets. Designed and created from start to finish in Hervey Bay, Australia.

Mermaid Treasure Crown

  • Choose your crystal from the list above!

    A detailed crystal meaning card is provided with each purchase!