These elegantly wire-wrapped rings are perfect for adding a little boho glam to your everyday life while keeping your favourite crystals close.


How to wear your rings to boost your purpose:

  • Wear your rings on your left hand to receive energy, thinking and creativity and feminine essence (yin side).
  • Wear your rings on your right hand to give energy, physical action and masculine essence (yang side).


Showcasing contemporary design with an everlasting timeless feel, this collection is perfect for those free spirited beautiful souls. Our crystal pieces will make you feel both whimsical and wild!


Earthen de Luna is a bespoke crystal boutique for bohemian luxe wire wrapped crystal trinkets. Designed and created from start to finish in Hervey Bay, Australia.

Elegant Rings

  • Choose your crystal from the list above!

    A detailed crystal meaning card is provided with each purchase!