Earthen de Luna: translates to

‘made of earth, of the moon’

Earthen de Luna is a bespoke crystal boutique for

bohemian luxe wire wrapped crystal crowns, jewellery and infusions.

Designed and created from start to finish in Hervey Bay, Australia.

Showcasing contemporary design with an everlasting timeless feel, our

collections are perfect for those free spirited souls.

Our trinkets are one of a kind due to the use of natural resources.

The beauty of natural crystals is that they are all unique,

so no two crystals will ever be the same.

Our trinkets have their own unique personality and vibrations, adding

to the natural beauty and character of the final piece - perfectly imperfect!

All of our crystals are ethically sourced from their countries of origin

by our carefully selected reputable Australian suppliers.

Upon arrival to our boutique, they are cleansed from any

negative energies and charged in the rays of the full moon.


The crystals are then handpicked by our designer,

based on intuition and energy, for each individual project.

The completed trinkets are then cleansed again with our Tibetan

singing bowls upon being wrapped and posted to her new forever home.



Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable way of living by only

creating handmade products from eco-friendly and ethically sourced resources.

If we can grow it in our forest garden, we will!



Hello, I'm Sarah ! The owner and creative designer behind Earthen de Luna.

I love creating dainty, elegant wire wrapped crystal trinkets,

in my home studio at Hervey Bay.

When I’m not creating crowns and jewellery, I am a graphic designer

for weddings and small businesses - Design is my life!

Crystal crowns have quickly become a favourite of mine! I really enjoy the

whole creation process. Incorporating my passions into my projects truly

is a magical and fulfilling experience.


I always loved beading and jewellery making as a child, and as a teen, I really enjoyed drawing, favouring realism with graphite, which is what eventually led me into a career in graphic design. I am also a mumma to a beautiful little girl and a wifey to my loving hubby. As I've entered my 30's, I have found joy in learning about crystals, aromatherapy, apothecary, and holistic health.


While my knowledge is young, it is ever-growing! I'm excited to be able to combine all my skills and creativity into my eclectic business venture


- And thus, Earthen de Luna was born! 

I feel honoured to be a part of empowering

beautiful unique individuals through my craft.



We love working together with like-minded creatives and small local business entrepreneurs like ourselves. Below are some wonderful women in business that we have collaborated with in support of one another!

Photographer & MUA: @the.monroe.collective

Model: @maggiejostanton

Photographer: @patchcreations

Stylist & MUA: @leah.harvey.styling

Shop Space: @tapestrybohocouture

Expo: @theopulenceau